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Concept Note – Collaborative Projects

This form lays out key aspects to help our team at the University of Toronto (UofT) devise a collaborative project between UofT Engineering students and counterparts in other international universities. The key aim of this initiative is several folds: to enhance international knowledge and experience for students, to prepare them for working in a globalized context; to share knowledge and expertise and mutual learning’ and to help solve pressing challenges facing societies and companies. We envision these projects to be undertaken jointly by a team of students (2-4) at each participating university, while being supervised by a faculty member with relevant expertise at each university. The student-faculty team will work in coordination with the “Client” who could be a company, NGO, or in some case, the participating faculty member at the international university.

The fields on this form are key aspects we need details on to begin this dialogue and matchmaking between suitable partners at UofT and your university. These aspects will be changed/updated when implementing partners are identified. They are meant to provide sufficient context for us to identify relevant expertise and interested students. They are not meant to represent the final project vision/plan. 


If you have any inquiries, or need to send your proposal, please contact us at or directly to Elham Marzi:


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