Decoding The Brain

Decoding the Brain

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Recent developments in neural recording technologies have made it possible to record from hundreds of individual neurons in the brain. This is a major advance that allows the use of brain signals to control prostheses with large degrees of freedom. It also enables investigators to study the neural code used by populations of neurons to represent and process information in the brain. In this project, we analyzed data recorded from the frontal cortex of awake, behaving monkeys to understand how populations of neurons in different areas respond in a working memory task. We investigated different neural codes (Bayesian probability, information theory, partial directed coherence, etc.) to understand how information is processed and transformed from one area to another.

  • Prof. Shih-Cheng Yen, National University of Singapore
  • Dr. José Zariffa, University of Toronto
  • Qixiao Su
  • Rayni Li
  • Chao Wang,
  • Kian Wei Ng
  • Anuj Patel

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